Is seeing really = Believing? #spirituality #mind #meditation #leadership

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We often hear and are taught to believe " Seeing is believing" but that is not true. Your mind sees things the way you are conditioned to seeing. Some amount of conditioning is common to all of us so we all get fooled to a good extent the same way as well. Check out this blog on illusions The bigger point here is you can't trust your senses for information and judgements. Your gut can be wrong many times…from a meditative point of view and from spiritual practises people at a certain advanced level of practise will know that before a world is projected out there you exist anyways as existence itself without a name and form and are whole and complete and from this aspect of you projection of an I am begins and blows up into a solid whole entity called cosmos and then slowly memory of an individual you starts to creep in and makes you believe in individuality. When you are in a high state of awareness the story holds no power on you…for you transcend the illusion of the cosmos…and in such cases life in such an illusion is merely a play, a game that has a purpose of enabling you to let go and liberate yourself from the cords of this dream ego… These cords of ego are snapped as we practise meditation, prayer etc and as we evolve to selfless goals at large in life. In fact how you live and what you do in your life greatly influences your ability to meditate and transcend the illusion. To see things as they are you have to unlearn all mental conditioning = delete memories = transcend i.e get beyond the mind duality of subject and object…like a red sunglass that colours the world red when in reality it's not red your memories Color a world that does not actually exist.. #wisdom #illusion #meditation #mindmystery #mindgames #perception #awakenings #seeingtheworld #opticalillusions #psychology

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