Karma is not punishment.. #wisdom #karma #spirituality #psychology #coaching #awakening #therapy

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Individuality is a delusion and love is a teacher. You have to learn that you are not an individual but the one who lives in all. When you operate as an individual you're not tuned to how others feel so receiver and giver must swap and this happens over many lives till you start to evolve and feel one with everyone and everything. When you feel one you will never hurt anyone because you know and are aware of how they feel…and at such an evolutionary state the karmic laws operate with lesser intensity on you… Love never fails anyone …rebirths are not fancy things it's just the way love heals and does not put pressure on the ego….loving people never pressurise.. they give time and space to evolve….it's the ego that's in a hurry to achieve…the go grab mentality…love (awareness) gives you many lives to evolve so you live, enjoy your journey and evolve at the same time… #wisdom #inspirationalquotes #karma #yogainspiration #pastlives #psychotherapy #leadershipchallenge

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