Get beyond conventional understanding of Gender.. #wisdom #awakening #coaching #gender #lifehacks

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Life is a game play it well and enjoy it. Life is love…live life with love and love is awareness so when your aware you are is a dream realize it and wake up…and you do that by being aware of thoughts and feelings while you live in the world… Many have confusion of gender in the spiritual context..and you must get beyond the words and have a deeper knowledge….. people think of gender as only body form but those who want to understand scriptures deeper must know indicated in the pictures…Mind is fickle and can't give you determination so as long as you are mind identified you will be forever fickle till you raise you understanding of Who you are to a higher quality definitions like intelligence and then to awareness…. Love is awareness i.e when you are aware of thoughts and feelings you are loving your Self and on the contrary when you are reactive and defensive instead of being aware you are unloving of your self and when you are unloving of your self you will attract to your life situations of colleagues friends etc being unloving towards you only to show you that's how U treat your self. Recognize this in your Life??? Transform your understanding of who you are (Who am I) and the whole scenario will change.. everybody will love you and want to hang around with you… #leadershipchallenge #lifehacks #wisdom #selfconfidence #transformationalleadership #selfknowledge #selftransformation #selfhelp #hooponopono #subconsciousmind #beliefs #unconsciousbias #psychology #mindgames ##successtips #studentsuccess #successlife #ceo #mentalhealth #peaceofmind #womenceo #depression

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