Don’t jump into it…prepare for it… #meditation

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It's not just a sitting down exercise…like you need to train to run a marathon so too you must prepare the mind for Meditation. Running a marathon requires not only fitness training, diet training, self discipline etc ..likewise meditation is about transcending the mind it's a very long marathon and the preparation required is to clean to the mind….and clean up the mind means gradually reduce the desires of the mind …the mind goes out into the world because of desire and till you drop desires there is no use in just sitting down with eyes closed…you will close your eyes and imagine your desires with closed eyes… Desire arises because you believe that happiness is out there to be grasped and grabbed…the go getter mentality which the world rewards.. but in truth happiness is your nature…you just need to stop desiring anything to be happy and when your happy you will be successful at anything that you do… letting go of desires is meditation as well..simply question all thoughts Who is thinking so? And quickly ask Who am I? And quickly before any other distraction comes say to yourself I love You Thank You ( these phrases deleted the viral pattern in your sub conscious that make you think in that way) #meditation #desire #happiness #freedom #peaceofmind #bliss #awakethesoul #Letgo #mentalhealth #psychotherapy

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