Reboot your subconscious computer twice at the least… #leadership #successtips #awakening #learning #soultherapy

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Start you day fresh with a reboot and do that by mediating before you sleep and once after you get up so that you mind before sleep let's go of memories and also learns what it has to from that day and start of the day mediation helps the mind to anchor strongly and deeply in the newly acquired neural pathways formed in sleep after mediation. Control = Be aware meditate and let go of memories after Learning what you need to. Alter: shift. You're energy to a higher consciousness by focussing at the middle of the eyebrows and slightly above to activate your third eye Delete: delete yesterday's memories and start your next day fresh. You should carry forward learnings not the memories #neuroscience #sleep #awakenings #leadershipchallenge #successtips #meditation #spirituality #awareness #soultherapy

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