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Instead of conquering the mind one thought at a time or one challenging situation at a time…the quicker way is to get to the bottom of the illusion and destroy the false foundations of the mind story with the investigation " Who am I?" This question is match stick that will burn into ashes the story of the illusion… Instead of letting thoughts make u run around in circles, question thoughts with two questions every time they arise: Who is thinking? Who am I? Question emotions Who is feeling (insert the emotion label) Who am I? When the underlying belief of the false I is burnt the mid story comes to an end…. Good and bad are part of the same illusion. If your ambition is to conquer the mind in total and get beyond it question good thoughts as well. A pure mind is one that is devoid of any thought…even good thoughts although they are better than bad ones are still required to erase if you wish to get beyond and transcend the mind…. #meditation #awakening #successtips #mindgames #illusion #selfrealization

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