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"In the macrocosm of creation a great battle between Spirit and the imperfect expressions of Nature is continuously going on. Everywhere on earth we are the witnesses of the silent struggle between perfection and imperfection. The flawless patterns of Spirit strive ceaselessly against the ugly distortions manifested by the universal delusory force of maya, the deceiving attribute of the "devil."* One power is consciously expressing all good; the other force is secretly at work to manifest evil. Greater than activity, devotion, or reason, is meditation. To meditate truly is to concentrate solely on Spirit. This is esoteric meditation. It is the highest form of activity that man can perform, and it is the most balanced way to find God. If you work afy the time you may become mechanical and lose Him in preoccupation with your duties,- and if you seek Him only through discriminative thought you may lose Him in the labyrinths of endless reasoning; and if you cultivate only devotion for God, your development may become merely emotional. But meditation combines and balances all these approaches. Work, eat, walk, laugh, cry, meditate—only for Him. That is the best way to live. In so doing you will be truly happy serving Him, loving Him, and communing with Him. I do not blame you for what you do, but for what you do not do. You think you have no time for God. Wrest your mind from the mirage of the senses and habit. Why be deluded like that? I am pointing out to you a land more beautiful than anything here can ever be. I am telling you of a happiness that will intoxicate you night and day—you won't need sense temptations to enthral you. Discipline your body and your mind. Control your senses. Find God!." – Paramahansa Yogananda #God #ParamahansaYogananda #Love #Joy #Awareness #KriyaYoga #SelfRealization #OmPeaceAmen #Quotes

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