You are the producer of your Mind Movie.. You can either recourse the movie…or pull out. Consciously…or just let history repeat… #leadership #history #freedom #subconscious #goals #wisdom #choice

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& our lives are stories of the Mind and what keeps fuelling the story is response to the mind. In dreams we experience even horrific things but we can take it on without any response and besides a few minutes of uneasiness we would soon forget about the nightmare and get going. When we respond to the mind this way stories of the mind loose it's fuel to create further stories and you would soon unplug from the mind. The challenge in the waking state is that we are conditioned by many things like society rules to love by etc that you end up not being fully accepting of the Waking Dream and every response fuels the ego life dream to continue further…the wise way to unplug is to shift some of your karmic work to dream state of mind by chanting Sun and focussing on the U and M and keep the waking for simple karmic stuff..lead a simple life where complexity is minimal so that you can consciously respond with least impact… #successtips #karma #egodeath #dreams #spiritualawakening #mindmovies #wisdom

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