Label them and let go of them…. #letgo #emotions #awakening #inspiration #leadfromwithin #successtips #emotionalintelligence

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Labelling helps to let go of emotions…be aware and identify which one of the emotions your going through: Glad Sad Mad Scared Or a mix Your ability to label derives on mindfulness and when you label your emotions say something to this effect " I am aware of feeling Glad, Sad etc) and you have Let Go of them..the next time they rise do the same thing and be aware of sensations that happen in your body as these emotions begin look for patterns and identify what are your trigger situations and sensations… Being aware of triggers and sensations gives you the opportunity to not be driven by emotions…remembering you are aware of them facilitates letting go … You can also ask " Who is feeling (insert the emotion) ? And quickly follow it up with Who am I? And say to yourself I love you and thank you..these set of actions will help you unplug from emotions which would otherwise blind you.. #emotionalfreedomtechiques #tapping #mindfulness #Letgo #unplug #motivation #mindmystery rt

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