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What would you be doing in your life.. create a mind movie that all your senses participate in.. Paint it, live it as if it were your mind, emotionalize it, dance it, talk to imaginary people about it, Nevillize it… Many people will say they have no goals but they have them and this question will bring it's not about just material things..after the excitement of a lottery you may buy those many material things but they will fade away.. what then would you like to do, what job would you do that your passionate about when money is not priority, how would you dream spending your day…write it and watch your fuel and ability to navigate grow… Please note : I don't encourage lottery way of life but this is purely to bring out your aspirations hiding in the unconscious side of you. When you kill aspirations you become depressed. Live your aspirations wisely and use them to attain spiritual goals. Detachment does not mean not having. It means not being attached to material things while you have them and that is done by using your success to serve your community #leadershipchallenge #coaching #successtips #subconsciousmind #neurosciences #mindmystery

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