You are stuck! The sooner you accept it, you can get out of it…. #leadership #wisdom #awakening

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That these memories were stuck in your sub conscious mind and like a sunglass depending on its colour adds a perspective that is not really true. Get this clear in your head that just because you may not be aware of a thought, does not mean you don't have mental activity happening subconsciously. Behind a single thought you are aware of there are millions of neurons firing due to many memories not one.or two or three. It also implies that while your in 2018, your mind is still tainted by the past going back to………. (I leave it to your imagination)… It's naive to think you are free and make free decisions when your actually carrying a huge burden that prevents you from seeing through the illusion. Now pay close attention to this… As long as memories are stuck in your unconscious you will blame fate for your experiences. It's time to take responsibility and push these memories out from the unconscious and into the conscious and let go of them….there are many ways to do this some being hypnosis, hooponopono (read the book zero limits), meditation, chant The sound Om and many more but they key is don't waste time on paltry matters of the world. You have work to do. Meditation is not about mind control. That is a useless goal. The goal of meditation is to unplug from memory (memory = Mind). When you let go of (cease egoistic identification mine feeling )memory rebirth stops and if you do this consciously while you live this would be your last birth in the realm of illusion and if you don't finish you need to come back into this Alice in Wonderland world till you realize and trace your path back to where you came from. #awakethesoul #meditation #lifehacks #learning #leadwithlove #yogalife #inspiration #successtips #hypnoticregression #pastlives #memory #mindmystery #maya #illusion

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