Don’t hesitate to mistake your way into Learning and Awakening.. #wisdom #spirituality #leadership

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Good leaders learn from mistakes and are happy to share how they learnt from their mistakes. That makes them inspirational. In the operating system if the mind (until you awaken to realising life is a dream) there is no way to learn than by looking backward at what happened with the contextual surrounding then to how that had made you a better person in today's context. In this movie which being streamed you cant just look at a particular slide of the film and think you got the whole thing in the life process is important and mistakes are crucial to your evolving. It's through mistakes you learn to take responsibility for the mind and it's fallacies in thinking and if you learn to be a keen observer which is the highest skill someone can have, you will recognize repetitive patterns in the mind. It's the ability to recognize this that starts awakening you. Whatever you do, regardless of any profession the goal is waking up…… #leadership #wisdom #successtips #mindmystery #healing #awakening #hooponopno

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