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And a stillness that follows the sounds..between two chants… When you focus on the first sound "Ah " sound i.e you make that part the longest of sounds you activate the lower chakras and you attain material desires quickly….and as your level of awakening rises and you know the mind better, you focus on the "U" sound that's between " Ah" and "M" and that corresponds to the dream state of mind . When you focus on "U" you push the memories into the dream state of mind and work through karma faster as you experience desires and their consequence in the dream state and that's easier…as in the dream state you get fulfillment as well as letting go after an experience is easier as we do not resist anything…and then as you rise up the evolution you drop the focus on " A" and "U" and you push the memories that trigger thoughts into the " Mmmmmm sound and that is like roasting the memories into nothingness….and if you stay with this sound it becomes a silence….that takes you to the center of your being where you experience Satori or awakening… At that stage the gap between two Aum's keeps widening i.e you get to stay in the no-mind state of bliss longer and longer…and eventually you attain Samadhi this way.. Those who can grasp the ability of OM pushing memories from waking into dream and from dream into deep deep sleep (nothingness) know the secret of transcending the law of karma itself but the usage can be done only by the wise. When one aspires for material things you still operate in the realm of illusion where karmic regulation is a necessity so that you don't get stuck with the illusion. It's a little like stress. Not all stress is bad. Some of it is helpful and keeps you evolving. Likewise the pain of experiencing karmic reactions will make you aspire to rise out of the " A" and progress into the "U" and the "Mmmmmm" to the silence between two Om sounds to deepening the time between the Om's to exiting the stage from there… You can hear the om chants here: #omchanting #leadershipchallenge #awakening #karma #mindmystery #psychiatry #psycho #psychology #parenting #students #meditation #successtips

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