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"The small & big waves all arise from the same ocean. So, when we stand aside spiritually & view every person/religion impersonally, we shall see that all is made of God. Until we see all waves of creation in this way, there will always be differences, with their troubles/difficulties. No man, no prophet, will ever be able to wipe away all the inequalities/divisions on this earth. But when you will find yourself in the consciousness of God, these differences will vanish. Do not be afraid of anything. Even when tossing on a wave in a storm, you are still on the bosom of the ocean. Always hold on to the consciousness of God's underlying presence. Be of even mind, & say: "I am fearless; I am made of the substance of God. I am a spark of the Fire of Spirit. I am an atom of the Cosmic Flame. I am a cell of the vast universal body of the Father. 'I & my Father are One.' "Why was temptation given to man? That he might look for the One who is more tempting than any worldly temptation. The earthly lures that surround you are not intended to ensnare you, but to cause you to seek beyond them,- to make you ask, "Who created all these things? Who made me? Who am I? Where are You, Lord? Why are You hiding? Talk to me!" When you directly approach God with these questions, He answers. Most people don't call deeply enough to Him, & so they never find Him. You must speak clearly to Him in the language of your soul: "Lord, I want no longer to see only the beauty You have created. I want to behold Your Face, which is more beautiful than the flowers, more entrancing than all faces. I want to see Who is behind all nature." Even if a person covers himself with a veil you can see that someone is there. So is nature like a great veil bulging with God's presence. He is hiding there, but you take just a casual look, not penetrating to see the shy Indweller. The intelligence God has given us is the gateway to Heaven. It is the outer door to His kingdom, but you don't use it. Why not use it now? Don't wait, only to leave the earth like a dog, kicked out by death. It is a crime against your soul. Your intelligence was given to discover why you are here: to find Him." – Paramahansa Yogananda

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