Analyze your dream and wake up…. #leaders #parents #teenagers #wisdom #meditation #dreams #reality #memories #mind #pastlives

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Is this for real? At some point in your life I am sure you must have had a dream that was clear and vivid…go back to that in your mind and if it was scary I encourage you to go back to that one for this exercise is going to liberate you. During the dream it all seemed for real till you woke up and realized you were on your bed..and no matter how scary dismissing the dream was easy just a matter of few minutes…a dream is that which appears real until you wake up… Now look at your dream in detail and take the example of seeing a scary snake in the dream…it seemed real although it's made of dream stuff (dreamtrons just creating a new word for the flow)..and when you wake up you found your body was sweating and high pulse etc… LEARNING A dream snake which is fake conjured up a so called experience that seemed real and that impacted your body and mind. We are impacted when someone in the world suffers..Why is that? We are related even if it is not apparent…An experience in a dream impacting the waking body implies the waking body and the dream are related…we know the dream is false…and it relates to the body…just like the night dream what you experience in waking is also a dream the difference being the experience of time (time is a concept and those who meditate know this for a 100 years oof reliving a past life can be accomplished in 10 seconds also) & mode of dreams the body is still and action is imagined within the body and in waking the body is action… Neither waking experiences are real or the night dreams regardless of how you feel about them..the witness beyond these is truth and is the awake entity. All else is a delusional dream. #awakenings #spiritualawakening #wisdom #analysis #dreams #leaders #teacherstuff #parents #peaceofmind #mentalhealth #memories #subconsciousmind #pastlives #emotionalfreedomtechiques #upanishads

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