A spiritual twist to depth perception for those seeking awakening from the dream #spirituality #awakening #leadership #selfrealization #wisdom #dream #psychology #neuroscience #ego

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The human eye can see only things that either move or have some form…we can't see space through our rods and cones…but here is something for those desiring an awakening beyond the waking dream to contemplate on.. We can't see space yet we see objects in space while objects are suspended in space..this should make you question the nature of this perception we are talking about…take a look at depth perception…we can't see depth and we seem to drive perfectly..or can I tickle your mind with an awakening option…maybe we are driven and our egos allow us to feel we are driving…..think about it…my meditative experiences have revealed to me that this entire word is a dream projection…they are thoughts contained in awareness but projected outward and experienced as if they are out there..refer to the post of dreams for a connect .. #spurtuality #awakening #kriyayoga #kundaliniyoga #seekers #whoami #selfrealization #selfenquiry

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