Weed out contradictions…between the mind and heart… #leadership #successtip

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Work from inside out and success will be quicker… Success is when your heart and mind function in sync. Matters don't change just by talking positive and emotions play a vital role. The starting point in success is: Be aware of your emotional patterns and beliefs..some can help you but many will challenge you..fear is a challenge and is conquered faster inside out rather outside in… Negative emotions cant be replaced easily by overwriting with positive thinking..work on Deleting negative emotions and thoughts and as they get less intense the positive work you do will rub off faster.. Still your mind everyday for at least 30 minutes…mud in a pond sinks down to the bottom when the water is stable …so too the confused disharmony of mind and heart will find its own balance point of cooperation by stilling the mind…. meditation is the gym workout for the mind to calm itself and develop strong neural patterns that are required for success. It's a projection world out there…your belief gets projected …do hard work but work hard on the inside and the outside will align fast..once the obstacles are deleted from within..be mindful of the words that flow in your mind unconsciously for even if they seem just words they are the cause for your experience… Your obstacles are your friends..they are your teachers showing up so that in this life you can delete them and have a successful holiday for the rest of your life…start the spiritual journey when your young and healthy and don't wait till your old and stuck with too many mindset issues.. #successtips #obstaclecourse #mindgames #teacherstuff #parents #teenagers_idea #youth #leadershipchallenge

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