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Truth in daily life (remember this whenever you interact with anyone today) The " I am" is who you truly are and the I am is a common denominator for all of us in the cosmos no matter what passports we hold or what race we think we belong to..the I in Roman numerals is One. Two three, million etc require a one…first for the multiples to exist..if ten of us were to introduce ourselves we would say what is indicated in the picture and insert our names but here is the trick the ego plays..the ego makes you believe your name is THE I..but actually the sentence needs to be read from left to right and understood that way..i.e the I am ..the universal I am says I am …..all these names…and forms..the one that appears as all this know this truth as an experience is to awaken… Have a good day or good night's rest depending on which part of the world you are in.. #leadwithlove #teacherstuff #parents #students #leadershipacademy #teens #successtips #management

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