What is the goal of writing or anything that you do in your life?? #wisdom #leadership #teenadvice #learning

Why do people do what they do?
Each of us has to know what is going on in our heads. It’s the very purpose of life. The best way to do it is the direct way of watching the mind but a good number of people are asleep or partially awake.. writing, painting or any kind of art helps you express (same as saying be aware and let go of the sub conscious memories)…
Now keep this is mind..your not here to deepen passions..your given opportunity to come out of passions..be very wary and careful of what books and music’s you choose…for e.g if you like horror there is a good chance your mind is filled with such memories..if at all you are going to choose reading horror novels to awaken you must read mindfully I e be aware of thoughts and feelings that rise while you read if not it is a waste of time. Likewise when you paint or dance be aware of your thoughts and feelings..as you practise this your interest (passion) for these interests should fade and your choice of method to be aware will shift to the superior ones like watching your mind directly to self realization.

Have a great week ahead.
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