Why is success so important? #success #leadership #healing #hooponopono #eft

Have you ever wondered why success is so important to all kinds of living beings?

Here’s my take. Deep down we all know we live in an Alice in Wonderland world and we also know we are the creator playing a role here and a creator always has to succeed. It makes no sense for a creator to fail.

However failure is the result of incongruence of thoughts words and actions. To start with most people are not aware of thoughts and jump into not actions but reactions.

To allign yourself as a creator you must first position yourself as a witness of thoughts and feelings for that which witnesses is the Creator of the cosmos and has penetrating insight. Your physical mind only experiences and thinks based on circumstances but the super consciousness that witnesses the mind is one that sees through things..it knows why you see things with a certain shade and knows how to inspire you to see things from a totally new perspective.

Be Vulnerable

The first step to rewiring your brain is to revisit your sub conscious memories. Don’t fear them. This time around watch them fearlessly and withdraw your investment of consciousness in your fears. When you watch you withdraw and take back you invested energy and it is now available to create your new inspired feature.

Steps to release your memories in your daily tasks…

  1. When writing mails turn your mind inward…(watch your breathing)…listen to the conversation in your mind without chatter…notice the reactive responses you want to give but don’t execute ..as you watch say to yourself I love You I am sorry Please forgive me Thank You I forgive my self.. slowly you will see errors at your end and begin to write a balanced response where you respond to a situation with expansion of love as the goal in mind of even a simple act of sending an email..
  2. When you are in pain and worry inhale etc do the same…instead of running for tablets..medicines will kill you slowly…pains are indicate repressed emotions and if you take the courage to watch them you can heal them….you can heal your migraines this way..
  3. Lets say you want to win a client who does not like you.. you can heal the energy that stops you from doing business with him by watching the thoughts and feelings when you think of how you feel about the person…then apply the same phrases over a period of time and tapping..m
  4. The goal of life is expansion. To spend time with your friends is no big deal it is a big deal if you can make your enemy your friend than love has expanded…
  5. Develop will power everyone you obey the mind you loose will power…to grow will power don’t follow the mind..stay anchored on watching the breath..even if you got pulled to some destination of the mind just come back gently without beating yourself up. That’s how you build will power…

Learn to tap away your emotional blocks…


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