Why not just make your life easier and pay attention?… #subconscious #leadership #teaching #mind #meditation #yoga #education #learning #memory


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Are you Paying attention to your life classroom? #memories #attention #lifequotes #leadership #hooponopono #wisdomquotes #healing #therapy #depression #fear #anxiety #migraine #headache #psychology #psychiatry #pastliferegression The classroom seems out there at least that is what your senses tell you but let me tell you they mislead you. It's not an outside in world. It is an inside out world i.e what you think is causing you to see and your thinking is mostly driven by sub conscious memories. What are these memories? When you don't pay attention to your class, learning is not possible. Likewise when your don't look at your thoughts and feelings non judgementally you fail to learn. For some reason you desired an experience in this life and many past ones and when they came your mind was desiring the next one instead of watching the thoughts and feelings of the now…and hence those lessons got stored as memories. One way to clear them up is live life and keep complaining and think the problem is out there and you have to keep coming back. Instead take responsibility push out the memories from the sub conscious onto the conscious and watch the thoughts and feelings. You push them out from sub conscious by meditation, listening or chanting Aum (on manthra emphasizing on then U &M sounds i.e the retention of breath and exhale) and writing the Hooponopono phrases or saying them to yourself when your watching thoughts and feelings: I love you I am sorry Please forgive me Thank You I forgive myself Thoughts (memories give rise to thoughts and are triggered by what your senses see etc) rise repeatedly to give you a chance to not respond and just watch so that insipration can give you a fresh new inspired perspective instead of reactive behaviour out of fear and worry.

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