When your tipping towards procrastination remember this…. #leadership #learning #procrastination #mind #willpower

One way to avoid procrastination is do short bouts of work you don’t like to do say a 20 minute focussed attention on it and one more tip is to do those jobs that you don’t like from a process point of view instead of an outcome driven point of view..sometimes keeping too much outcome in view will make you reject tasks you don’t like to do..build a process gradually and soon you will overcome it…

Another great idea is to the trigger and play a trick with the mind and replace the trigger with some thing else..for eg if it’s a place that triggers it image in while doing the 20 minute work that you were sitting in your favourite place and doing it…as you overcome it bring your mind to accepting the new place by mindfully watching you r excuses and judgements…watching is enough

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