YOU ARE FIRED! #LeadershipDevelopment #Mind #Surrender #truth #Meditation #Manager

Hi Little Self,

I trust that you are doing well and successfully keeping people asleep to their reality through your popularly subtle techniques of being occupied, chasing ambitions, running from one fear to the next.

Anyways, I write this letter now to dismiss you and your team from the job of Manager and the grounds of dismissal are as follows:

1. Failure to run the mind body factory properly and incompetency in delivering permanent happiness

2. Willfully misleading back to historical paths that have failed in the past.

3. Being destructive and non productive in problem solving but rather contributing to more problems in disguise.

You have been given multiple opportunities and yet you choose to revolve round the same circle over and over It is now time that your dismissed and put under training under the real COO (Chief operating officer – the real superconscious Self). Should you pass that training successfully you could be considered for the Manager (Mind = Manager) post if that vacancy exists.

The curriculum for you at the corrective school is as follows:

Core modules:

Who is the real boss? – Mode of instructions: Meditation, Self Inquiry of the Type “Who am !?”,

Banish Fear – Silent prayer, Solitude, Stillness

To pass this module the score required is 100% surrender of Individuality.

There are no choices or options. Your class begins mmediately and there is no fees. You have to pass the test and if you fail you have to keep retaking the exam till you score 100% on the surrender exam.

Good wishes and cheers to your successful death and rebirth into the truth!

Your Higher Self

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