Be careful!! These affirmations will get into your heart and begin to clean up your sub conscious mind. #hooponopono #leadership #meditation #pastlives #drbrianweiss #ManyMastersManyLives #Hypnosis

Be careful! These affirmations will stick to you as you read them.

As I read these statements they are sinking into my sub conscious and sinking deeper with my every inhale, exhale and heart beat : with every inhale I inhale inwardly and into my being I love you and with my exhale I exhale Thank You and everything that I see hear and experience and my inhale exhale and heartbeat sinks these instructions infinitely deeper and deeper into every cell and atom of gross and subtle being effortlessly and all the time and I feel infinitely more peaceful whole and one with my superconscious self with every inhale exhale and heart beat….

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