Its time to clean up the old city … #leadership #spirituality #meditation

The Human brain has an older less evolved city called limbic system which includes many parts of the brain namely : corpus callosum, thalamus, hypothalamus, olfactory lobe, right frontal lobe, right inferior temporal lobe and pituitary and pineal bodies.

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The old city is the response centre for behaviour and emotions and is like the older city in twin city setting. You can understand it as the seat of lower traits driven by a strong ego response (fight or flight).

Beside the ego response it is also the centre for automatic regulation of essential body systems and processes.

The advanced city is the one which has the ability to process advanced reasoning.

When developed consciously by practise this can override many of the instinct responses of the limbic city and set you free from the cycle of birth death and rebirth.

Spiritual practise and the brain

Truth by itself is self existent. It’s perception is blocked by the impurities in the limbic system.

All spiritual practises clean up these impurities in the form of memories.

Why do we respond or react the way we do?

When you encounter someone or something in the outer world, something is going on in your mental computer the sun conscious mind. All this happens so fast that you dont realize you’re driven and not free as you think.

What happens at the back?

An event triggers some ancient memory in your limbic system to react and repeat the same response you carried out many many lives ago and repeatedly over those many lives and thus you keep yourself stuck.

In your day to day life this is the reason you find yourself not able to sustain many new and beautiful initiatives you may have started off.

How do you clean up these memories?

  1. Meditation
  2. Chanting a mantra
  3. Service to your community to eschew selfishness
  4. Gratitude
  5. Hooponoppno to delete sub conscious memories

I will cover each of these in the upcoming posts separately but you can learn to meditate and apply hoopononopo right now and here from these links:

Understand past life memories and How to heal them with hooponoppno here:

Basics of Hooponoppno:

More on Hooponoppno:

Here is a practise I do and it sounds simple but trust me it’s magic and worth trillions of dollars in value and will make your life easy.

The special things I do:

  1. Kriya yoga meditation _ The limbic system desires keep the life energy (kundalini) stuck at the lower parts of the spine and that keeps you conscious of only this material universe which is actually a delusion of the mind. The higher and better version of you need a to be activated by activating the pineal gland which is the seat of third eye. Energy flows where attention goes. In my meditation I stare at the third eye and in doing so I raise the energy stuck at lower levels upwards and as it rises up, the cosmic energy cleans up the memories. There is lots to share on this aspect which will be done on the next post.
  2. Deleting memories is easy. No need for a psychiatrist. God is your psychiatrist. Every day before I sleep I write 108 times: I love you I am sorry please forgive me thank you ..takes 25 minutes…and sleep immediately after that. In doing this along with a very light dinner I release in my dreams memories of past lives stuck in me and i wake up fresh more intuitive and feel increasingly psychic and one with my super conscious self. This has many benefits..many things in the day get done fast, easy and you get into a flow

Recommended reading:

Many masters many lives by Dr Brian Weiss

Zero limits by Dr hew Len & Dr. Joe Vitale

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