Breath and mind control are one and the same… #leadership #yoga #meditation #zen #inspiration #health

Your Mindset Coach

Your breath projects the world you experience everyday.

Regulation of breathing & holding breath between inhale & exhale helps control the flow of prana and leads to mind control. Likewise when you regulate & watch the mind that regulates the flow of prana upward to the third eye. Breath & mind & world are One.

Mastering the law of attraction or awakening – both require the same skill.

Whether you’re in it to be a successful law of attraction practitioner or to awaken, the route is common and prana control is essential practise. During the course of the journey your own awakening experiences will make you choose to use the tool to awaken instead of using for goals that are short term.

Pranayama practise

If you want to regulate the mind using breathing then practise Pranayama (a subtle aspect of life force – prana and Yama is control _ inhale…

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