Three styles of leadership – #leadership

Each one of us is a leader in some way or the other maybe at home, or at work or your group of friends. Look around your circles and look for the commonality of people who flock around you. Do you see a similarity in stories, the way you view the world etc..?

What are the three ways people lead?

Most people are led by memories, few are aware of this and lead themselves away from influence of memory and inspire others in doing so, while those enlightened ones who have lead by inspiration.

The best quality is inspirational and we will all eventually get there.

The sub conscious is powerful and you have to win it over as your friend before you can make any progress.

Well, there is a strong sub conscious programming we are born with. Religion calls it Karma and to keep things simple let’s call it memories. Our sub conscious mind is a store house of memories. Yes, even little kids have memories and they dream (they have REM).

Our sub conscious mind is memories of lessons of many lives and to a strong extent shape your view but it only shapes your view and you still have the choice and ability to break free from its influence.

You can break free from conditioning if you choose to be responsible.

What happens to you need not be your fault but when you expand your dimensions of understanding who you are in a bigger scheme of creation, you are a Co director in the movie of your life and you have to take the responsibility of rising above the influence of memories. Free will lies in the choices you make. What you think as a thought is usually not a product of free will as it is heavily sold in the world.

True free will lies in rising above the influence of the sub conscious. Most people think they choose thoughts but are actually driven by them.

In your goals of life it’s important for you to prioritise where the efforts go and how much. We are ingrained to work hard at a physical level and is an excellent way to develop will power and patience but there is a lot of fear in people and sense of irresponsibility to work on their mental level and make their journeys easier.

Creation is a projection into an augmented reality of one’s ideas and at a collective level and so on. Outer transformation is hard wired by inner change and very little effort and importance is given to this inner rewiring. It requires patience effort and persistent practise.

Now, think of you mind as a notebook filled with ideas of all kinds of ideas and cluttered. Let’s say you had to impress a new idea. You would pretty much know that this new idea is going to be lost in clutter.

Clean the clutter and rise above the delusion of solid matter

Mindfulness and meditation give you the power to Clean, Cut through, and Rise above the clutter.

Clean_ Watching your thoughts is like erasing the cluttered white board but it will fill up soon with many more clutter waiting to be cleaned. Like bubbles must rise to the surface to burst, your mental board is cluttered with ancient memories and when your willing to watch they rise as meaningless and sometimes puzzling thoughts…remember your not at fault but your responsible…

You might have thought the problem is out there but not so, you were a part of the problem and tried to hurry it by keeping yourself busy and avoiding your authentic self from showing up.

Most phobias and diseases can be prevented if you spend time clearing up and when you clear up fresh inspiration ideas show up. So why waste your money on doctors and illness. Prevention is better than cure.

Cut through the clutter and raise your consciousness to higher level

The corporate world lives on a dog eat dog operandi and that is harmful and not going to help you evolve in the world and attain enlightenment. On stormy seas and cloudy skies you need vision that goes beyond the seeing of the two eyes…your energy must rise up the spinal susumna canal and reach and burst the their eye open for you to know the source of the delusion dream of solid matter. This energy rise requires you to unplug from the subconscious and focus on the third eye. Many a book simply tell you a story to visualise you dream but truth be told true visualisations n requires energy and a sub conscious that has not been cleaned will not allow you the luxury of visualise and having your goal.

A daily rythm of work, meditation, exercise and sync of these will help you use your daily life to awaken. One need not leave home or go to Himalayas to find enlightenment. It that way you work and how you do it that awakens the spirit in you and from there the domino effect t spills out.

Heratful leadership is the key to world peace and happiness. An ego and power centric leadership is of no lasting value.

Over these years of meditation and having awakening experiences I still work in a corporate and use my abilityin day to day work to keep evolving and I feel that the modern yogi lives in the world but is not a part of it.

I am happy to share with anyone else out there and learn as well on practises that you use.

I recommend that you make time to watch these videos which have had and continue to tickle me:

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