Obstacles are actually your mind blocks #leadership #inspiration

The challenges you face in leadership roles or any situation so to say are projections of your thought patterns that drive habbit in your daily life.

Ways to overcome challenges:

Be conscious of your behaviour and tendency to complain and loose patience.

Don’t give in to the mind and persist on the path and reform your views about your team

The method described above works but you can make that work faster and easier with inner work. Set aside twenty to thirty minutes between r and 6 am everyday to meditate. Get rid of all concepts around meditation. The key is to get aware of your thoughts, feelings and understand their impact on rhythmic healthy breathing just by observation. This simple practise will help you distance yourself away from traits that your stuck too and as you unplug from traits you would be magically surprised that inner work has made your outer work easier.

All are one and we are all connected even if you don’t feel so right now. The sub conscious mind knows this truth and that’s why it just requires one person in a circle of complainers to be 100% self responsible and work on themselves and by doing so you free the people in your circle.

Watch this video on meditation:


And about 100% responsibility don’t miss this:


If you do want to discuss how to use these in your roles do get in touch on whats ap. Am glad to help…My whats ap no is +918790171132 or we can Skype on Mohan.sundaram.73@live.com or hangout on mohan@lawrenceandmayo.co.in

Have a good week ahead.

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