Do actions yield freedom? #Meditation #meaningfullife #Zen #Purpose #Wisdom #Leadership #freedom #karma #kriya

How many actions do you do that make you feel freed from the knot of the ego doership complex?

Do you feel unrecognized when you don’t win accolades?

Does rewards motivate your better performance and make you excited?

Your probably driven by egoistic goals. From a stand point of daily sustenance, and socially you maybe a hit in your circle but when your alone your restless and feel dejected when life is not exciting….

Doing actions that frees you is a way of life that requires first you understand who you are and the tools to attain freedom available to you.

Life is a gift a chance to free yourself from the delusion of materialism. The body is a boat that gives you an opportunity to perform sets of actions thay can free you from the dream:

Work: use work to develop selflessness (work for that which unfolds truth not for personal victory)

Pray: whatever be the form of prayer you need a healthy body be it traditional or meditation. Keep the body in Good Health. Don’t waste time on being Super Fit.

Have fun: there is no harm in fun as long as you don’t loose anchoring from peace.

Remember this always. What you desire is peace not excitement. Excitement is cheap stuff and is a roller coaster ride start. Peace is stable and grows deeper.

Apply these in your life and your life becomes a meditative way of life. Before one dies you must have a convincing intuitive experience of higher universal truth and your body and mind are tools to be used to achieve this journey.

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