You are not the tools you have at your disposal #leadership #awakening #leadfromwithin

Your body, your ability to think, your job, your community are tools which if you use wisely can help you realize who you are and how you got here.

Who are you and how did you get here?

These are the questions of life that drive you unconsciously from city to city from one job to another etc.

The easier way of knowing it is to have a multiple channel approach to these questions in various situations.

When at home …set aside time to meditate…half an hour a day is enough to accelerate your life wholeness exponentially…

Your jobs and encounters with clients, colleagues and market scenarios allow you a lab like space to.explore new definitions of who might you be and how can you experiment new paradigm shifts in your responses..

Some things to ponder about:

  1. Do you listen in a conversation to give a response? Can you listen truly if your intention to listen is to give a response?
  2. Can being calm and unperturbed be your new response as an action not as a demonstration of any Kind but a new way of life?
  3. Are you aware of the thoughts that drive you? Are you scared them? Maybe they are false fear (fear is false evidence appearing real because of your thinking….)
  4. Do answers set me free truly or may be the right questions will help me align into a new paradigm?
  5. Can there be any sense in a world where most people compete till they die? Am I missing the purpose of life itself??
  6. What is a problem? Can you narrow down and define it? No solutions can be found till you define the problem. When you get down to defining a problem your forced to get aware and mindful and as you do that before you can understand anything the problem itself is gone..this can be a very useful tool in many life scenarios your facing even as you read this message
  7. How do i get mindful and awake? You do know the answer. Nobody thought you how to sleep. Sleep is unconscious meditation. Meditation is conscious sleep. Simply bring your awareness to breathing and stay aware of breathing that is called meditation. When thoughts drift you away come back to breathing..this simple exercise will help you develop and unfold unimaginable integrated omniscient knowledge and intuition…
    Your knowledge and skill is a tool to serve your community and not for serving the ego. Use Your skill and knowledge to give and when you give your ego is erased and light of wisdom will shine through you.
  8. Your job here is to retrace your journey back to the eternal home of peace


Have a good weekend.

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