Meditate anywhere and everywhere #leadership #Meditation #Yoga

Check out @mohansundaram73’s Tweet:

To breathe is to live and to breathe is to meditate. Yes it’s thay simple. Start by breathing while you stand, while you do your chores and while you do just about anything.

It is the very nature of mind to wander and your only goal is to unplug and the job and process of unplugging is called meditation.

Every time your mind wanders be aware you have gone somewhere, consciously dont be interested in the mind story, begin to breathe and you can breathe at the belly or at the chest or at your nostrils. Anything is fine. Go with the flow.

With steady and regular habbit your ability to not follow the mind (the word letting go) will happen automatically.

Yes it’s that easy. The only problem anyone can ever have is a starting problem. Like in anything else take steps to overcome that.

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