Don’t worry if you missed paying attention to your classes. Your missed classes are stored on the server for you to finish. #Leadership #Meditation

Lack of attention to the present moment


Memories getting written into your sub conscious mind (since you missed your class due to lack of attention to your breathing pattern as you got swept away by dreams of happiness being elsewhere or in some distant outcome). These memories get written to help you not to become a burden.

If you missed your class over many lives, your classes are stored in memories. You can still take the classes with regression therapy and learn and evolve faster.

Like today with technology you can download your lectures and watch them later, sub conscious memory resides in an unimaginable server YouYousince the beginning of time called Super conscious mind.

Instead of waiting for the.missed classes to show up as your work or experiences elsewhere go back to your memories by journeying back into Time. The time travel vehicle is Meditation. Relive and reattend the classes.
Waking dreams and night dreams are both equally real or equally unreal. You can relive them in your dream and since our dream ego is subtle letting go of experiences is faster. It’s the superior way…
Now if you don’t choose the superior direct route the indirect route is to interact with people and learn about what is keeping you stuck through them but that will take you donkeys years and even then your refined response will be too small to produce significant and quick progress to being a person who is free from any sort of conditioning.
While you live in the world it is not necessary to quit and live in the forest. We live in a concrete forest. Be a yogi. Meditate and implement your leadership learning in Your Life and as you transform your environment will be inspired.
This is the way to Inspire not by lecture and talk. The more you spend your energy talking you loose energy required for your self transformation.
You don’t need to search a guru. God is your guru and is within you. The way to connect to God is Meditation.
Here is how you can meditate:
Have a great weekend.

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