You don’t interact with people! #Mind #Leadership #Yoga #Healing

Remember this every moment: No mind no world. And that is the state of deep sleep.

When you interact with someone be it work or home or anywhere even in your dream its an encounter of one mind ( one ego) with another mind ( another ego).

Mind is a bundle of thoughts called memories and memories have been cultivated by habbit.

Mind is an imagination and hence the world is a myth. You experience this Truth as Samadhi.

Knowing this will make you your own doctor. Since mind is an imagination problems are imagined problems and imagined problems can only be solved by imaginary solutions.

Don’t allow logic to get you stuck. Visualize your ailing body and acknowledge the situation and now visualize a healthy body and what would you do and how would you give gratitude for a healing and rehearse that drama with will power.

The more you rehearse it believe in it and state it loud even if it’s not yet true, you have begun to heal.

All hospital must teach and enable this. Create virtual reality technology that allows people to see themselves in better light.

Let that be the metaphysical tablet part of healing for patients. To enable healing further and develop will power use your God given tools for that.

Learn to meditate, practise pranayama and realize yourself.

Knowing the truth you don’t need to give up the world. In fact when you know the truth you will live a far more happy and professional life and be a master mind contributor to the success and well being of everyone in your life.

This is the shortcut..The way of the wise..You are a Diving Being not a doer…

The people you meet are a reflection of your sub conscious. Deleting memories is easy. No sweat or worry or guilt required. Just be 100% responsible and don’t complain.

When you need to meet a tough colleague welcome the opportunity.

Think of the person and turn your attention to your breathing and inhale inward the phrase ” i love you and exhale the phrase ” Thank you and visualize your negative feelings as a black energy transmute itself into a beautiful rose of friendship and say Thank you again. (Mind is imaginary and it’s problems are imaginary and hence the same higher mind must heal the lower mind by visualizing the solution, healing the solution with sound by saying the phrases and visualizing a loving relationship)

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