When your feeling.. #leadership #Meditation #Yoga

Use this beautiful AUM chanting when you:

  1. Are Stressed
  2. Anxious
  3. @ Night Before Sleep
  4. Before you enter a board meeting
  5. When you need fresh inspired ideas
  6. Play it in your homes and get rid of negative and evil energies in your offices as well by playing on piped music at a subtly low volume
  7. when you need team work
  8. When in crisis dont screw things up by allowing the mind that got you into it to give you a solution..use this sound and chant it..

This potent sound connects you to the invisible vibration called AUM or AMEN or the Holy Ghost and connecting to it happens when you just listen silently without expecting anything.

Once you get into the habit chant i.e intone the sound in your mind along with your breathing…Inhale the AH sound and when you hold hold breath for a few seconds allow the mind to flow into U sound and allow the U sound to flow into the Mmmmm and allow the Mmmm to flow into the mystical invisible stillness.. All this do consciously first and then just start the flow with the Ah sound and let the mind complete the rest on its own and you settle down as the witness of this..dont try to make any sense or meaning or think and if you do this you will connect with the blissful part of you beyond the mind body and intellect…

Here is the music from you tube converted into mp3 format so that you can listen off your phones

This sound exists already in the cosmos. When you listen and chant you vibrate in the frequency of this sound and are connected to all life ..You are one with Love…

Have a blissful 2018.

You can download the sound from my google drive link here:


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