Your opinion matters! #leadership #wisdom #lead #2018 #perspectives #meditation

Your opinion matters to the extent your self aware of it

Perspectives come from memories and not from truth. Truth is beyond any perspective or you can say is the sum total of all possible perspectives which nullify each other.

Think of a clean white board. That’s a pure mind in which your spirit power can be reflected. Over your years of life due to lack of self awareness while going through experiences, your white board has been written with too much memories.

Your chance now is to erase it clean.

The best way to erase is look within and clean it using meditation and yoga.

Painting, singing, dancing, writing, reading a book (specific types of books will appeal to specific people depending on the memories that need to be erased from your sub conscious mind).

What’s important is to not judge yourself but erase and let go.

If your not doing that other ways of knowing what stuff is written on your board is the experience you have of the people you interact with at home, work and even the world at large.

They are projections of your memories that need cleaning.

Instead of wasting your time fixing others or even yourself, just work on erasing your thoughts. When you interact with people be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

How to do that?

Use a portion of your attention to be aware of your breathing and observe the words images that come across. Those need to be erased.

Erasing is easy. Consciously inhale and as you inhale say to yourself ” I love You ” and as you exhale consciously say to yourself ” Thank You”. I love you thank you = delete button for the mind computer which stores memories over many many lives that you have lived. While you are in 2018 memories from many millions of lives are still influencing your perceptions and You are responsible to erase them and clean your whiteboard.

Make 2018 the year of 100% responsibility!

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