How busy are you running away from your real self??#Leadership #100%Responsibility #Fear #Worry # Mindfulness

Live and Work Smart. Unleash your SUper conscious power and that will enable you to have a better balance of life and be happy overall.. Leran to meditate here:

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Unless your consciously busy with knowing your real self, all other forms of being busy are mostly running away from your real self!

Keeping you busy in the world with duties, social media, TV, being Mr Good are popular tricks of the ego keeping you from knowing the truth that you are Free Now and Here I.e you are not the body, the mind! The cosmos is an illusion a dream story conjured up and seen only by the illusory senses! Fear of the unknown is also the trick of the ego to keep you busy running away from freedom by selling you a story that its your responsibility to fight for freedom!

Life is an opportunity to wake up! You have run away from your real self over many many lives doing the same things over and over! You have earned money, fought wars, …….and yet you think by…

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