Is your mind truly empty ? #wisdom #mind #leadership #meditation #Hooponopono #Yoga #Mindfulness

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Is your mind truly empty?
 Many people tend to feel they have a quiet mind because they are not aware but it’s good to think deeper on this matter.
If your mind is truly empty, the illusion called world would vanish.  If you think your mind is at peace and your still in this illusion your mistaken.
Thoughts are buried deep in our minds and requires some serious time and spiritual effort to get them to bubble up to the conscious awareness.
If your in the world it simply means your still work in progress.  Don’t get complacent with success and good life.
The fast way of overcoming hurdles is 100 percent responsibility! Everyone you interact with is only there to show you what your holding into.
What does holding onto mean?
It simply means thinking. Thinking is induced by memories that are stuck because you did not pay attention to them. This life is a chance for you to be focused on the now.  You can list go directly by looking within ( mindfulness meditation) instead of choosing an inferior way of learning – learning about yourself from people you interact with.
Majority of the people fail to  learn through others simply because they see the world as made of many individuals which is an ignorant way of perception.
With 100% responsibiltiy you actually are never over burdened. On the other hand you are empowered to heal yourself and others in your life.

Learn to erase sub conscious memories with Hooponopono from Dr Hew Len here:

Zero Limits Online _ Hooponopono Free Training Video :!AjZegjqZYmhthLwN6pPjWR2ZbyK5_A

Meditation helps you look into your own self instead of seeing yourself in others:!AjZegjqZYmhthLwOjyHetSgwySQMDA

Your Guru or Personal Psychiatrist or God or Super Power or Higher You is inside U waiting to help! Just connect with meditation and hooponopono and all will be well. You can heal, prevent illness. Yes, its possible if you start moving in the direction of 100% responsibility!




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