The Pen is mightier than the sword – Writing Meditation #leadership #yoga #meditation #security #Zen #mindfulness #mind #health

Whatever you cling to is what you will loose quickly. Do you know what you cling to?? Or maybe its better viewed from the perspective what are things you’re scared to loose??

Do you fear loosing success and hence never share successful ideas? Well that is a sure shot way to fail soon and feel belittled. The more you share the more inspired you will become.

Do you cling to life? Health freak, fear death, illness etc??? Almost all do. Conquer it with Who am I. Knowledge erases fear and letting go is easy.

Meditation does not have to be cross legged. Take a pen and paper and write down in order of priority those things, relationships etc that your scared to loose and hence cling on to…

As you write pay some attention to breathing at the nose as you write and from a distance and without judgement just watch the stories that play in your mind. What sensations did they trigger? Where?? How did you feel?? Give words to them and document…

This simple exercise will bring your attention to the now and help you Let Go of the fears…infact as you write and watch you’re letting go.

Make this your life habit everyday. It is a meditation that will help you evolve in all aspects of life.

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