Complete you’re Masters in Mind Body Awareness Integration

Purification is the absence of contradictions & that’s possible when awareness is the CEO of the Mind Body Factory. #Yoga #Leadership #Management

Your Mindset Coach


Experiences have lessons hidden in them. Its like our video games! Swallow the power pills and you go to the next level! Here too your here to learn that you begin the journey as the one who is ruled and as you learn from your experiences and grow in selflessness your entrusted with higher knowledge that eventually leads you to realise you are the ruler and the ruled!

The whole world is like a factory and each of us make tiny factories! When all units function well I.e they produce peace and happiness the universal factory performance is also one that generates peace and happiness. Its a collective job. Micromanage your mental factory and it will impact the global factory. The mind manager must be tamed wit love! That’s the key ingredient to getting this mind body factory subservient to the global factory goals by listening to the Global CEO…

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