Truth does not need your belief… Or Following .. You can’t follow it or even unfollow it.. # leadership #yoga #meditation #truth #beliefs #hooponopono #clear #follow #erase #truth

Truth is true by itself. It does not require followers. People have to give up beliefs and realize the truth as it is. In the absence of any concept ( belief) what remains is Truth. In that truth there is no subject object relativity ” The I – You conundrum”.

: Truth is never hidden. It is truth it cant hide anywhere because it is everywhere and in everyone is eternal existence itself…we choose not to see it so it becomes invisible

The mind is desire. Desire is for an experience because of the belief that the experience will give u happiness. This belief borrows the power of truth to throw up a dream for you to experience. But truth by itself has no quality it is beyond any description but has the power to make the unreal appear as reality and also take back that power

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