Is reality an illusion in itself????

The power of the mind is its ability to sell you a story that the material world is Real. But even that power is under your control. You had invested your power of belief in a story and as an investor you have the authority to withdraw your investment. There is absolutely no binding contract with regards to dreams.

Your Mindset Coach

Seems to me so many a time and from my experience that everything comes from the nothingness in deep sleep and returns back to nothingness every night and yet we hold on to our beliefs and opinions as if they were some solid tangible reality out there..


If you look back at things you were very adamant about maybe few years ago you would burst into laughter and say ofcourse that was not me! But that was you…all our perspectives change constantly and evolve to perfection in time..and the very same time gives the feeling of constancy and hides the changing nature of everything from the untrained eye…a well trained eye can see through the illusory story told by the mind and the training required here is not the kind of training that makes you a winner…

Winner and losers are born of the relativity of the ego..they belong to…

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