Your Mental Operating System needs debugging and updates #leadership #yoga #meditation #love #Operatingsystem #Antivirus #Debug #outdates #coding #Mind #Mindfulness

The purpose of creating a software is to achieve some end purpose of goal and the software itself can’t be called existence. It is brought it into an apparent existence to achieve a purpose. It seems like it exists but when you think it was created consciously to have an experience (meet an end)!

Your Mental Operating System Needs Debugging and Updates
Mind is like a program. It was created by you to experience a desire ( concept) and you have been living this same old conceptual thought pattern for many lives.

That’s why you get bored frustrated and want change. You keep struggling with innovation to fight boredom.

Don’t run away from boredom. It wants to teach you something!
Boredom is teaching you something. It’s time now for you to look into your software code ( look inward & watch your thoughts). Doing so gives you a chance to erase old code and once old code is erased you will connect back to your real existence and remember why you created this software code called Mind or Desire.

Don’t fix before understanding the problem
That is the stage to get to first before making new codes in reaction to problems.

Problems are simply telling you to look inward and let go ( erase old junk code). Old code is junk because it is no longer relevant to your stage of learning about your true higher self .

How to erase the mind code and plug in to inspiration for regular updates?

Ways to let go I.e erase the code – meditate –

Love Your Self
Love is awareness
Watching thoughts is loving yourself
When in trouble or pain or fear, breathe deep, don’t blame or complain, use the problem delete button – Say to yourself
I love you
Thank you

Those phrases call the super conscious mind to send healing energies across memories of many life times… And neutralise them so they stop causing problems. The key in using this is be open to the solution of the super conscious self. Don’t expect solutions your away. The divine knows why the problem came and how to fix it!

Need help with these do get in touch with me!

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