You’ve already paid for your classes..time to learn your lessons and move on. #wisdom #yoga #leadership #mindfulness #meditation #pastlives #memories #regression #lifehack #livingjoyfully #gratitude #joy #peace

Present life is a reflection of the past life with …..

An additional opportunity to rewrite your future. You can rewrite your future if you don’t repeat the same mistakes of the previous lives.

The key here is how do you know what were your mistakes? There would be millions and all are caused by one main mistake.. The main mistake is your unquestioned identification with the mind and body.

Without understanding your true self your mind will never be at peace. Regressing your self into your past life in your night dreams allows you to relive them without reacting to them. In a dream you never react to anything.. You let it all pass and that’s the quickest way to neutralize the memories of the past.

• the waking life is designed to trigger your past life memories and your given the conscious power of letting go…use it and set yourself free…watching thoughts, surrender, letting go, meditation are all one and the same

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