Transform who? What? How and where? #who #what #problem #where #leadership #yoga #meditation #wisdom #quotes #leadingchange #management #mindfulness #love #Consciousness #mindfulspark #mindfulness #hooponopono

Self transformation is not an active process. It happens as you let go I.e unplug from memories that drive your behaviour patterns.

There is no real individual to transform. The notion of individuality keeps us stuck in the cyclic dream of waking – night dream – deep sleep – death – rebirth until you wake up and see the whole story as an illusion much like a movie that you see on the screens of your home theatre or cinema.

Depending on your level of involvement even the movie seems real and your reactions absorb it’s impact.

Boredom is a higher wisdom trying to wake you up. Variety can’t solve the boredoms of illusory experiences.

To know the truth is to journey into your self and merge back into that higher self. The road to take to your higher self is your breath. Your senses take you into te dream world and you would be lost again. Hold on to your breath and it will take you from body to mind and from mind to intellect and from intellect to your real self.

#leadership #yoga #meditation #wisdom #quotes #leadingchange #management #mindfulness #love #Consciousness #mindfulspark #mindfulness

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