Deep Relaxation is alertness beyond any worthy worldly definition #yoga #leadership #love #meditation #Mind #Self #knowledge #RajaYoga #Zen #Mindfulness #BetterWorld #WorldPeace

Relaxation is different from sleep…
Relaxation is often confused as falling asleep. Sleep is a state of Mind but the goal of relaxation is to get out of the gravitational pull of the mind.

You are simply witnessing mental modifications.. Or a dream simply put….

When you’re operating from the mind identification space there has to be a waking phase dream phase and resting phase but who you are is perpetually awake alertness…

It’s about waking up…
It’s purely a unplug game.
Wake up, unplug, let go, meditate, watch , peace , love yourself are all one & the same.

Are you really tied up to your thoughts?
It seems so until you develop the courage to look at them eye to eye without letting them drive you and when you start looking at them, you will know that they never did belong to you.

You simply were asleep. Just like a dream seems real till you wake up, you took the mind and its ideas to be You. Mind is everywhere. It does not belong to you. Identify with it and all its good and bad will follow you.

Right choice is available to those who consciously live…
Freedom from Mind is a choice that can be made when your alert and choose to break free.

Knowledge is outside you.. You are not your knowledge… That has to evaporate some day.. You are existence itself…. The screen on which the movie of life is projected….
In the illusion knowledge is gained through acquisition because what knowledge you require is useful only for operating within the illusion and has to be acquired. To wake up there s no knowledge to acquire but you simply return to your original being by witnessing the dream and as you anchor more firmly in witnessing you off your own remember your true nature before taking on a name and form.

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