Engage your mind else it will keep U engaged..#leadership #leadingchange #yoga #mind #meditation #Business #MindYourBusinessFirst #MBA #MindControl

If you don’t give your mind a job, it will choose to mess around between the past and the future. Anchor it in the now (breath).

Your past can’t change. Your future can be determined by the past or now.

If u allow the past to determine your future, history will repeat. If you wish to create an inspired future anchor your attention on the now . Each time thoughts rise come back to the now. That’s how you let go. Thoughts are always connected to the past. This is the way to let go and the way to take back the wasted investment you have placed in the mind.

Master Your mind and be the cosmic master of the mind…

#leadership #wisdom #Yoga #Anchorage #Zen #IAmResponsible #meditation #Love

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