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The characteristic feature of sleep is #forgetfulness. When you wake up U don’t #remember what happened.

Taking on from that definition waking up simply is about remembering and not forgetting. This happens when you watch the mind. When your not aware the mind pulls itself to the future or the past to sustain itself. In the present it has to dissolve for it has no inherent nature to exist on its own.

Life is designed to wake you up. You have gone to sleep with the imagination that you are (insert your name).
When you don’t observe the mind the way to make you wake up is to make you relate I.e interact with people and life that mirrors your thinking pattern

Such mirroring is not kept for you to meddle and fix others. Just remind yourself to stop thinking and be aware and those interactions are not required.

When your very deeply sleep I.e you absolutely believe your silly dream as real you need to be woken up harshly
… A nightmare….

As you evolve and work more on yourself and then evolve to working within yourself the need for interacting with others reduces and your progress is faster. Life like other schools does not want to keep you stuck in a class.

You remain in a class when you don’t learn and that’s because your not paying attention. Your attention has gone to the past or worries about the future.

On the contrary when you focus your attention to the now you get double promoted. You move on to higher lessons at higher planes of existence….

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