You’re stuck.. Do you recognize that you’re stuck?? #awaken #leadership #love #Yoga #Meditation #Mindfulness #Business #MindYourOwnBusiness #SaveYourself #Thoughts #Memories

Thinking is what got you stuck. If you now want to get out of the illusion, you need to operate from a higher wiser power than thinking. To do that you can’t think nor can thoughts on their own stop thinking. What is required is that you unplug from the thinking process by watching it as a detached & disinterested witness of all the mind stories. The stories of the mind can come true if you participate in it by way of belief. You have done that so far by not watching your thoughts. The default mode of ignoring the inside and taking the outside as real has kept you investing in this illusory story that is just a bunch of nonsense actually.
It’s time to switch to conscious life and unplug from the story. You are responsible for doing so. Nobody can come and save you but yourself.

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