Live magically by letting go.. #yoga #leadership #meditation #hooponopono #wisdom #Letting Go #Zen #Mindfulness

Your here to unplug from the mind.
Your not here to sink deeper into the sea of change (illusion).
It’s a simple thing. It just requires you to be awake.
Being awake is being watchful. Your aware of thoughts, so thoughts are not yours. Remembering this when you watch sets you free and u bring yourself out of the sea of illusion. The world is a compelling story. If you look sharply and wisely U will catch that it’s stories have no solid foundation whatsoever… Have a blissful Tuesday.

Your Mindset Coach

Live magically today! Don’t keep living the same boring action packed life…. Experiment and experience the magic of living from inspiration instead of a memory driven life…

Today before you interact with anyone take a deep breath and remember that you are that person too… Say too yourself “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you”..
Do this before you interact with anyone.. Remember whoever shows up is only showing up up show you what your thinking…

Turn your attention to your breathing at your nostrils and watch it go in and out and you will become aware of thoughts.. Watch them.. Don’t be interested in the good and bad. They are all crap and worthy of letting go. Watching is called letting go…

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