Block the outflow!! #peace #war #love #thoughts #mindfulness #worldpeace #wisdom #leadership #security #mind #dream #meditation

Hey little self,

Thoughts have to flow out to be able to create an experience. They flow out when you don’t watch them. And when they do they can create problems for you and your society. Rather than allowing your thoughts outwards first dissolve them all and allow only inspiration to guide you in creative projects. Memories flow out unconsciously and its your job to stop the out those and be 100% responsible.

When you watch your breath you create a barricade for the out flowing thoughts and you send them back to the source that has the power to dissolve them and take out the energy that they have to create an experience.

Knowing this is the way to return home and for a peaceful world. Military might can never bring peace. Peace is what is left when all the fragmented pieces called thoughts are dissolved like water bubbles back into water.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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